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Skin Tags Treatment

Acne/Pimples may be irritating and make you sad !

Skin Tags Treatment

It is not painful but is of importance only from an aesthetic point of view.

Skin tags can be removed easily without any surgery using a Co2 Laser or through a Radiofrequency cautery machine

Skin tags may appear over

1) Neck (don’t write papilloma colli here)

2) Armpits

3) Eyelids

4) Chest

5) Under breasts

skin tags

Few causes of skin tags could be

                     1) Normal aging process

                     2) Weight gain

                     3) Diabetes

                     4) Pregnancy


Treatment Options for Skin Tags

  • CO2- LASER.
    It is a simple, advanced, and most recommended laser treatment that is painless. In which skin tags are removed by low-level laser light and It is a safe & fast treatment.
  • RF(Radiofrequency). This is another treatment option for Skin Tags. In this Radiofrequency is used to remove Skin Tags, and it is also safe & recommended. But is mostly used while Skin tags size is bigger.

Before -After

skin tags