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How to Apply Eye Cream : Using Cream | Serum | Roller

 Urmil Skin Clinic Vapi Gujarat

Under eye dark circles is the most common problem nowadays with all age groups starting from children to adults. There are hundreds of under eye creams, serum or roll-on available in market. But, if you don't use it properly, results are not up-to the mark. Here, we have demonstrated techniques to use under eye creams and roll-on.

1.) Always use ring finger (रिंग फिंगर) to apply cream

2.) Don't rub (रगड़ना मत)

3.) Don't apply pressure

4.) Apply cream by feeling the bone (हड्डी को महसूस करके क्रीम लगाएं)

5.) Use very small quantity. Just pea-sized.

6.) Use the cream/serum/roll-on once or twice a day as advised by your doctor. Under eye skin is very thin and sensitive, so please be gentle while applying cream. आंखों के नीचे की त्वचा बहुत पतली और संवेदनशील होती है, इसलिए कृपया क्रीम लगाते समय कोमल रहें।


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