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Hair Removal

You can find a permanent solution for hair removal !

Laser Hair Removal

The LHR is a minimally painful procedure to reduce your hair growth by 60 to80%

This is achieved over 6-8 sessions depending on your hair growth, the area to be targeted, and the type of hair present.
Patients may require maintenance sessions following completion of their initial 6-8 sessions at a gap of 6 months to 1 year

The procedure is repeated monthly initially

After the first few sessions, hair growth reduces and the sessions might be conducted at longer intervals.
Post-procedure there is usually some redness and swelling which settles down in a few hours.



  • The biggest advantage of LHR is that once your hair is removed, it is removed permanently whereas Waxing or threading are lifelong procedures
  • Post waxing many patients face the problem of ingrown hair which leaves behind marks. This is not a problem with LHR
  • Many times waxing can cause infections as it leaves the skin raw and exposed. LHR causes no such infection.
  • Unwanted hairs are most efficiently treated with laser. Such hairs can many times have a negative psychological impact on the patients. Facing people may become embarrassing for them. (eg- women with hair in male pattern areas on the chin and neck or men with hair on the ears or excessive hair on the chest/back)

Our clinic has two machines for laser hair reduction

Both these machines are US FDA approved

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal Dos and Donts

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