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We are very happy to tell you that we are to share our all events ,activities with our patients,friends,and among all public who is connected with our area,society,or profession.

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Now you will  feel free to know about cost of our services because we are sharing cost(single,package) of procedures related to skin ,hair like peeling treatment,Dandruff treatment.

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A Person's Achievement (like this guide) is a work in progress. It is continually being revised, altered, and improved based on the participants’ experiences

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We are sharing our news ,events,and social media activities among our followers.We try to connect every time with our patient,followers through social media,like facebook, whatsapp.

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During the 80’s period, people were of narrow thinking mode; in that time it was tough for Dr. Satish H. Shah to explain &let his family know the importance of M.B.B.S & M.D. but then hurdles & storms are always there when you choose a different path & nobody is there to help or support you. It was the “Main hoonna” confidence in him which let him reach to this point of success. In early 1988, Dr. Satish H. Shah with his better half Dr. Kalpana S. Shah started their journey in Vapi at Bazaar Road, which was not a well-known area at that time, even Vapi use to be counted as a Town during 1988. Dr. Satish H. Shah with a fracture in right hand and his wife Dr. Kalpana S. Shah not knowing much of Gujarati language decided to take a big step for curing the dermatological problems of people of Vapi.


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